Acting & Events

Acting and Events

Andrew has extensive experience in event management. He currently works as the Events Director for Supernatural Tours and Events and has successfully created and run theatrical ghost tours in Southampton, Portsmouth, Windsor, Winchester, The New Forest and Sandy Balls.

Andrew has also run ghost hunts in venues across the UK including The Jamaica inn, Fort Widley, Woodchester mansion and lived at and worked as the events manager for a manor house in Portsmouth.

Andrew has also run large events including Zombie encounters, fairs, conventions, dining events and run Chocolate fairs which were hugely popular attracting local media.

In addition, Andrew has run wedding events, dining events, murder mysteries, promotional events and many more.

The ghost tours have won multiple awards with the Southampton Star Awards and TripAdvisor. Andrew was also a finalist in the leading star category at the 2019 Southampton Star Awards.

Andrew also has extensive experiecnce in acting taking on the part of characters including Henry VIII, Sir Jogn Dawtrey, The Duke of Buckingham, Zombies and so much more!